New Mexico Coalition of Control Line Addicts

Meeting, 10 January 2015


The NMCCLA met at Gary Marchand ‘s garage on 10 January 2015


Members present included:

Gary Marchand

Russ Gritzo

Dick Perry

Richard Lewis

Steven Shackley

Bob Hawk


The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dick Perry:

Membership: The NMCCLA had 14 members at the end of 2014.

Treasury Accounting:

1 January 2014 beginning balance: $2,049.67

Income during 2014 (dues): $ 350.00


AMA Charter: $ 30.00

Web site fee: $ 81.00

31 December Ending Balance: $2,288.67


The treasury consists of the following assets:

Cash $ 115.52

Checking Account $2,168.15

Savings Account $ 5.00

Total: $2,288.67


Club accounts are maintained with Sandia Laboratories Federal Credit Union. Signature cards are on file for Dick Perry and Gary Marchand.

No values are assigned to club property consisting of contest equipment and the Carrier deck.


Gary made available articles on:

Painting with Glasscote

How to Set Up a Stunt Engine

OS 25 LA vs .35 Stunt Engines

Bob Hunt’s Method for Securing Control Horns


The following officers were elected for 2015:

Gary Marchand, President

Jim Hayes, Vice President

Dick Perry, Secretary & Treasurer

Steven Shackley, Field Marshall & Safety Officer


By-Laws Clarification

The current By-Laws describe Family Membership as follows:

Family Membership: Includes all flying members of the immediate family (spouse and children). They have full privileges and voting rights. Dues: One (1) Full Membership plus one (1) Junior Membership, plus AMA Membership for each flying member. Junior members must have AMA membership to vote. Children are included until their 19th birthday and from their 19th birthday until their 25th birthday, provided they remain continuously dependent upon their parents for their principal support.


The members voted to clarify the Family Membership as described in the first sentence as all flying members of an immediate family, to include the primary member, the member’s spouse, and any children.


Field Maintenance

Steve Shackley reported that the City web site for the flying field has been updated to include mention of the CL activities and facilities there. He will contact the City to ensure that the address of the field is posted at the flying areas and at the entrance to the field to facilitate emergency response. The City has offered to install a table at the CL site. We discussed laying out the primary circle to allow greater clearance from the boundary fences. We also discussed laying out a smaller 1/2A circle north of the primary circle. The potential layout will be evaluated at the field on Sunday, 11 January.



Events and dates for the 2015 High Desert Control Line Fiesta were discussed. The members voted to sanction the contest for the weekend of 22-23 August with 21 January as a set-up and practice day. We voted to include Stunt (skill classes and OTS), Carrier (same events as in the past), and Scale. Dick Perry will contact Scale modelers in our drawing area to determine which events will provide the best participation. Potential events include 1/2A, Fun Scale, and either Sport Scale or Profile Scale. Stunt events will be flown on Saturday, and Carrier will be flown on Sunday. Scale static judging will be accomplished on Saturday with one round of flying. Scale flying will continue on Sunday.


Dick Perry