New Mexico Coalition of Control Line Addicts

Minutes, 14 March 2015 Meeting


The March 2015 Meeting was held at Dick Perry’s home at 2:00 pm.  Attendees included Dick, Richard, and Steve.  Illness, work requirements, moving to other jurisdictions for undisclosed reasons, and generally beautiful weather precluded a greater turnout.

Dick Perry presided over the meeting and declared a quorum present.

Previously published minutes were discussed and approved.

The treasurer reported additional dues received of $50 since last meeting and a balance of $2509.67 consisting of $5.00 in savings, $2389.15 in checking account, and $115.52 in Cash.

Membership Update

Dick reported that Gary is home following his surgery and expects to be cleared to start rehab (and be able to work in his shop) after his check-up next week.  He is looking forward to getting out a little and especially to being able to work on his model projects.

Old Business

Flying Field Repairs

Steve reported that there has been no progress on field repairs Since Matt (Open Space Division) OKed the plan, but he has been out of town.  Steve will follow up with Matt and request a start date.  We will need club labor when the project starts.  Stand by for an announcement when we get more information.

Steve and Richard moved a table to the CL site.  Thanks, guys!

Richard researched the address for the Maloof flying site and suggested that it might be a good idea to put it in our cell phone address books so that we would have the information if it should ever be necessary to summon emergency assistance to the field.


Russ has provided a draft flyer (Fiesta 2015 Flyer DRAFT2.pdf).  He will provide a final version which will be distributed to all members electronically.

We need to know who will be attending the VSC starting next week so that we can get a supply of flyers to them for distribution at VSC.

Dick reported the results of his survey of potential contestants.  The majority of responses from Arizona and Colorado indicated a preference for AMA Fun Scale and Cholla Choppers 1/2A Multi-engine Scale.  To accommodate the maximum number of contestants and the aircraft they already fly, it was determined that our offerings should include AMA CL Fun Scale and AMA CL 1/2A Scale.  AMA 1/2A Scale can accommodate models built for Arizona events with no disadvantage in scoring when flown against models built for the AMA events.  Profile Scale and Sport Scale models can enter the Fun Scale event without disadvantage, as well, except for a minimal downgrading for the profile fuselage that can easily be overcome in other areas such as superior documentation and flight performance.  We’ll collect comments from those who participate this year and adjust, as needed, in the future.

We decided to continue our past practice of awarding “Beer” mugs as prizes.   Richard suggested we substitute graphic appliques for the etching of past years.  We will contact Stan Johnson’s daughter, Carrie, of Carrie’s Graphics ( for prices.  We anticipate cost per award of less than $2 for graphics and a similar amount for the mugs.  Any mugs not used can be recycled the following year using this scheme whereas engraved mugs were dated for the current year and unable to be used in following years.  We also discussed increasing the awards for OTS as that event has the greatest number of contestants.

Gary and Judy offered to host the dinner on Saturday evening once again.  If that doesn’t work out, Susan and I can substitute.  We’ll work that detail as the contest date approaches.

New Business

Club Logo Merchandise

Steve has paid the setup charge for embroidered club logos at EmbroidMe at 6600 Holly NE.  There may be a west side location as well, but I can’t get it to come up on the web site ( ).  There is a photo of the hat that they made for Steve attached.  They can embroider on any of the many products they have in stock.  If there is interest, we can discuss whether we might want a standardized style or color, but there are quite a few options available, but that may be too much detail.  Prices seem reasonable.  Thanks to Steve for making the initial move.

Richard suggested we might want to get some window decals from Carrie in conjunction with our order for the wraps for our contest awards.

Meeting adjourned.

Dick Perry